A Summer of Activity

Within the coming month, August, Humanytaria is expecting a fruitful and exciting block of activity. Later today, President Radia will release to the public any important and previously closed information which documents plans for the upcoming year. A formal decleration of secession for the new territories informally aquired earlier this year will be written this week.


An island bordering central Wales. Its official name will be released on Friday.





Humanytaria Joins Paravian Federal Empire – Voting System Reformed

Radia I has anounced that from the 21/07/2016, Humanytaria will be integrated into the Paravian Federal Empire as a Federal State. We will remain a republic but in accordance with the changes to necessary changes to mentain Humanytarian democracy and parliament an election will be cast on the 26th of July 2016 via an online host. The elections afterwards will be a held whilst trialing a reformed voting system – Cumulative voting.

How will it work?

You will be given an amount of boxes equal to the amount of canidates. For the first box, you would choose your most preferable canidate. For the second box, you would choose the canidate you would deem as the second most preferable. This would continue for as many canidates there are until the last box which dictates your least preferable canidate.

The votes are counted by the system as follows:

The first box recieves the number of points equal to the number of canidates minus one. The second recieves the number of points equal to the number of canidates minus two. This sequence would continue and the last box would recieve no points. The maximum number of canidates for each party is two.

The top 4 canidates become representatives of parliament and the canidate with the highest score becomes prime minister.

Election coverage will take place from tommorow noon.



Regarding the joining of Paravia, Radia I has released the following statement:

I’m honoured to declare that the Repubic of Humanytaria has amalgamated with several other prosperous micronations under a Paravian Federal Empire. The relations between Humanytaria and the host nation, Paravia, have been tremendous since our foundation and the Presidency is eager to enter a new era under Paravian unison.  We have only been mediocre in both activity and presentation beforehand – we must therefore unite together as a nation to help make the dream of a libertarian-socialist democratic society possible.

 unum simus

On the case of Eden and Langford


The Humanytarian Presidential Office has made the following announcement regarding the international court case of Langford illegally refuting Edens citizenship to Cinnamon Creek:

The Humanytarian Government is not in a position or state of authority to side with either party.

Affairs that are independent to Humanytaria are to be disassociated with the government and presidential office however an individual may hold a conclusion to the the subject.

Ganstijden shall be releasing an extended report on the situation and Humanytarian election as a separate entidy to the government later.

Humanytarian Cabinet – Who’s Who?

—We apoligise for the lack of images but shall get them to you shortly.—

The President has anounced the cabinet in a fiery speech this morning. So, it would make sense for ganstijden to anounce it to the people (). Nonetheless, here they are:

Grace Pearce

Minister of Culture

Grace in 2014 playing the piano.
Grace in 2014 playing the piano.

Grace Slavutska ‘Nelson’ Pearce  is a pianist and experienced politician.  She has been re-appointed after a successful start since May. Democratic Socialist.


Billy Sauser

Minister of Home Affairs

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Minister of Transport

First Minister to ROLN


Billy (pseudonym) is a student and clarinetist. He has been re-appointed after a short spell in government in August. Market Socialist.



Minister of Charity


Give him a dog treat and he’ll practically do whatever you say.


Faiza Gull

Defence Secretary

originals 2

She is one of the only members of the Originals party to have good relations with the Peace Party. Market Socialist.



Minister of infrastructure

originals 2

G.Simran is a talented architect. She has recently caused a large amount of controversy, especially when she blamed the President for fixing the elections. Nonetheless, she still gains the support of many. Libertarian.

A critique for the Originals

Grace Pearce, leader of the peace party, has taken the labour to kindly critique the Originals. The opinion may be somewhat biased and therefore ganstijden shall not affiliate itself with the article below. The Presidency shall take no responsibility within the content of the article. The Originals are allowed to create an opposition to this, judging by the fact that they have the evidence to do so. Dunker.


It has been found that the Original party, lead by G.Simran, is corrupt, and dishonest with ‘the people’.

The Original party has no political advantage or policies, the only thing they have going for them is the ‘fact’ that they care for and listen to the people. However, this can easily be proved wrong, as the people of Humanytaria have voted for the Peace Party, and if the people wanted the Originals, that is what they would have voted for. The Originals are very angry with this democracy, and demand corruption within Humanytaria to win the elections. They say they listen to the people, but they want to deny the people so that they can listen to them. Explain how this makes sense. You can’t, it doesn’t.

They believe the elections were corrupt, due to the fact that a member of the Peace Party received more than one voting card to represent his family, all of which had signed up to be a member of Humanytaria. To the Originals, this was corruption. However, the fact that a member of the Original party voted twice (of course, one was not counted due to the strict one-vote-only law passed earlier this year) is not corruption. One of the Original members have even admitted ‘if the election had been corrupted for the Originals favour, we wouldn’t be so bothered.’ This quote shows they do not care about the moral disruption behind corruption, but only about the fact that they lost. The president has admitted that, ‘although some voters were given more than card due to the fact that they had family members to represent, the elections were recorded fairly and honestly.’. It has been confirmed that the Peace Party has won the elections, and this shall not change until the next elections in February.

The Originals, whom have admitted to be in favour of supporting tyrannical exercises, wish to express the opinion of the few rather than the many. How do we know this, you may ask? Well, what the Originals do not tell you is the fact that ‘listening to the people’ is not the same as acting upon what the people believe in. Ask yourself, what has the Originals party done on behalf of you? Unless you are an affiliate with the party, the answer is most definitely nothing. In other words, they not only listen to just those who enjoy their political preference, but in addition to this, they only act upon what they believe. In more specific detail, unless your name is G.Johal, Mia Robins or Faiza Gull, your view does not matter to this ‘socialist-trade unionist’ party.

G.Simran, leader of the Originals, has confessed that she has named her party after a popular television programme, ironically named the Originals, rather than a nationalistic and progressive ‘Originals’ you might have interpreted it to be. This is most possibly due to a lack of political preference from the leader.

furthermore, it should become rather obvious to one that the logo of the party is completely irrelevant to what the party stands for. Unlike the Peace Party (a rose and fist) and the conservationals (a conservative-like tree), they seem to have no taste in a logo to represent what they stand for.

Still, with a manifesto with nothing political but:

The Socialist Originals are a Left-Libertarian party founded in late May. The party is the largest and most influential, they are most commonly known for listening to the people. They have talented architects who are designing areas for the future development.

It only takes a small amount of thinking to consume the factor that the Originals are lying ‘muppets’. On the topic of manifestos and promises, lets take a look at a few promises made by members of the party and see if they were compleated, correctly.

Mia Robins

  1. I promise to give free cookies out to the people
  2. I promise to create a ministry of cookies
  3. I promise to create a cookie invention

Not only are these promises immature and unprofessional, only one of the three promises were compleated in the specified timing.


  1. I promise to offer housing to the refugees.
  2. I promise to create a Originals memorial.
  3. I promise to create more jobs via housing.

This appears to be worse than the previous. None of the three promises were fulfilled. You know why? Simply because of the age of our country and the laziness of the party TO FIGURE THIS OUT. Our country is still fresh and developing, we have yet to matured in the micronational world. We don’t have the funds to achieve any of these goals, not until another 5 years at the minimum.

Yes, I appreciate the fact that geese immigration may seem slightly senseless. But geese, unlike humans, are currently habituating the area.

“We demand referendum!”

The peace party, for all of those who don’t know, won the election by a razor-thin margin of one. This, in addition to a peace party member allegedly counting the scores before they arrived caused a outbreak of controversy. Rt. Hon. Radia I has been accused of not only tampering with results, but misleading the people too.

The Originals, clearly unhappy with democracy, now demand a referendum to create a bigger parliament, meaning that they will ultimately gain more seats leading to a bigger voice. Again, they still demand that ‘we listen to the people’ which is becoming slightly tiresome, in many peoples opinion, which probably lead to a peace party surprise turnout. Nether the less, the peace party, who understandably take a ‘peaceful approach’ to parliament, believe that a referendum should be cast allowing geese immigration, which is barley commendable from my perspective. Once more, the peace party continue to take a somewhat communist ideal, which in the real world, would probably not be tolerated, in any form.

Two referendums coming your way, ‘laddies’.

One, from clear annoyance over a democratic vote and one over ‘sacred’ geese. We continue to question the professionalism of both parties, maybe a one-party state works better, after all. Or does it not?

Election Coverage

originals 2

There’s a election tomorrow. Ganstijden meet up with the main leaders of the parties.

G.Simran and Faiza Gull (Originals)

Who do you represent?

G.S: The people.

The people?

G.S: Yeah, the people.

If you were elected, what would you do?

G.S: I would first listen to the people’s ideas and requests, then put them forward.

What do you say to Miss. Pearce who quoted: “We are the only party which puts peace first”?

G.S: I say that there’s no point in aiming for peace because people will always argue no matter what, it can be a good thing. As the leader of the Originals, me and my employees always work together and listen to eachother, that is how we work, I can learn from arguments.

F.G: Yeah

And Faiza, what would you compare the Originals too in terms of British parties?

F.G: I would affiliate myself with none. Parties in Britain are there for the dosh, not the people however if anything we would be a leftist liberal democrat.

Who are you going to hire as the Originals foreign minister?

F.G: Right now, I seriously don’t know. I might take the role up myself.


But, who should I vote for? A few ganstijden reporters set about interviewing the main affiliates with each party, but, before, you may want to know a bit about them.

Conservationals: A small conservative minority were sick of the once liberal domination of Humanytaria. The current minister of science and charity, took it onto themselves to establish a minor conservative party to give the right minority a voice. Unexpectedly, the party grew, taking in more members than the New Party and Martials combined, leading to the eventual collapse of both parties. After the Liberals combined with the Originals, the Conservationals were left with a outstanding position of 3rd member-wise.

Originals: The Socialist Originals are a Left-Libertarian party founded in late May. The party is the largest and most influential, they are most commonly known for listening to the people. They have talented architects who are designing areas for the future development.

Peace Party: Led by Grace Pearce, the peace party wish to create the Humanytarian state on the ideology of peace. Noteable figures include the current minister of education, the minister of culture and minister of foreign affairs. All in all, the Peace party are a well rounded party with important figures in the Humanytarian society.


Interview with the candidates will appear shortly.